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Vote to Re-Elect Charlene for BernCo Commissioner

What is the Bernalillo

County Commission?

The Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners consists of five elected members who are each limited to two 4-year terms. Each commissioner represents one of the county’s five districts.

How many votes does a

County Commissioner get?

Each Commissioner gets the same number of votes: One. While only residents of District 5 can vote for Charlene Pyskoty, Charlene can vote on issues that affect the entire county. Therefore, whether or not you live in District 5, Charlene will represent you!

What does a County Commissioner do?

The responsibility of the County Commission is the overall management of the county government operations. They have the power to control budget, levy taxes, and enact ordinances. Commissioners also provide for the issuance of bond financing for public buildings, roads, utilities, hospitals, and libraries; as well as carry out election, planning and zoning, and health and safety functions.

What county district am I in?

Bernalillo County, District 5, stretches all the way from Edgewood to San Mateo in Albuquerque, including Carnuel and Four Hills. This comprises about 140,000 people. I am your current county commissioner!

My unique and important approach to problem-solving comes from my background in Public Health, which works to prevent a problem “upstream” rather than fix a problem after it occurs “downstream.” This requires a complex systems view, rather than simply throwing money at existing problems. I will use this guiding principle as I work to resolve the problems that plague our county.

Use the link above to register online

Are you eligible to

vote for Charlene?

You are eligible to vote for Charlene as Bernalillo County Commissioner if you are:

  • a resident of District 5 in Bernalillo County

  • a resident of New Mexico and a US citizen

  • 18 or older by Nov. 6, 2018

  • never have been declared mentally incapacitated

You may also register to vote if you were a convicted felon and have satisfied all the terms and conditions of your sentencing. A certificate of completion must be provided.  

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