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Whether you live in the city areas of District 5 or the east mountains, it has been an honor to serve you the last four years. We've accomplished so much and we are just getting started!

Thanks to your support, I've been able to:

- deliver gender pay equity (link),

- advocate for mental health services (link),

- rally for students and local small businesses (link),

- defend immigrants and refugees (link),

- support veterans (link),

- fund first responders (link),

- reject wasteful government spending (link)

- celebrate with our beautiful, diverse community (link), and

- protect our water, land, and wildlife (link).

Together, we can continue to tackle these tough issues and build a better Bernalillo County for all residents.

  • Crime

  • Access to Healthcare & Mental Health Services

  • Economic Development & Jobs

  • Climate Change & Open Space

  • County Roads & Infrastructure


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