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"I come from a proud family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety, gun control in particular, a top priority. With nearly a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done." - Charlene

As a mental health therapist in private practice, I have spent literally thousands of hours listening to my constituents, empowering them, and helping them solve problems to be more successful in their lives.


I now bring this experience, ability, and dedication to the people of Bernalillo County, in my run for Commissioner of District 5.

As your representative, I am committed to use my background in public health, behavioral health, and business to listen to the issues, help develop creative and cost-effective solutions, and lead Bernalillo County to a new level of success.

Coming from a veteran and law enforcement family, I absorbed the values of integrity and honest, hard work. I say what I mean, and mean what I say. As your County Commissioner, I promise to always listen to you and to work in the best interests of our community.

Together, let’s make Bernalillo County better than ever! - Commissioner Charlene Pyskoty


Background and Experience

  • East Mountain resident and Albuquerque business owner

  • Licensed mental health therapist in private practice

  • Bernalillo County DWI Planning Council, appointed member

  • NM Counselors Association, VP of Continuing Education

  • Master’s Degrees in Sociology, Public Health, and Counselor Education

  • Entrepreneur for more than 25 years

  • Born and raised in a veteran and law enforcement family

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