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Setting The Record Straight

Thanks to your support in 2018, we did the unbelievable and turned this seat from RED to BLUE. That race was tough and came down to a handful of votes but one thing it wasn’t - full of lies. 

Over the last few weeks, my opponent and his allies have sent out numerous emails and mailers lying to you about my voting record. and attacking my professional credibility as a therapist and behavioral health advocate. I am here to set the record straight with actual proof, unlike my opponent.


PAID SICK LEAVEI voted 'YES' on Paid Sick Leave. (PROOF: ORDINANCE NO. 2OI9-32) The TRUTH is I fought to fix this ordinance because it didn't go far enough to hold Big Box stores accountable and put to much of a burden on rural mom-and-pop shops in our District. 

SUPPORTING UNIONSI voted 'YES' on the Project Labor Agreement. (PROOF: Bernco.govThe TRUTH is I have always supported unions and New Mexico workers and to insinuate anything less than that is a lie. This agreement ensured preference to New Mexico workers and helped to increase wages, benefits, and apprenticeships for county workers.

SANTOLINAI never voted to approve Santolina's westside development. That vote happened in 2015 - before I was a County Commissioner (PROOF: ABQ Journal). The TRUTH is that there is legally nothing any County Commissioner can do to STOP this development because the courts upheld the 2015 approval (PROOF: ABQ NEWS). My opponent is misconstruing a vote that dealt with zoning that actually placed additional requirements and restrictions on the PLANNED development. Failure to approve the zoning would have allowed the project to move forward as an UNPLANNED development. In an unplanned development, impacts to water and on county services would have been even more catastrophic.

PRO-CHOICE - I have always been unapologetically pro-choice and for years have helped clients process the decisions they have had to make regarding their own healthcare choices. I was endorsed by Planned Parenthood in 2018 and am appalled that I've been denied an interview for this endorsement while they have spent more money on ads in this race than any other. Over $1,000 in Facebook Ads has been spent for my opponent which is 3x more than any other ad they have for endorsed candidates (PROOF: Facebook). 


This is nothing more than an attempt to make me appear anti-choice while propping up a man with no record of supporting these critical issues. I'm honored to be endorsed by the person who founded an organization that leads nationally in funding reproductive healthcare for people of color -  Rachael Guerra Lorenzo, founder of Indigenous Women Rising. 


Let Planned Parenthood know they made a huge mistake.


  • Charlene is the only EXPERT on public health in this race and has served our community as a licensed THERAPIST for nearly 20 years.(PROOF: Charlene's Therapy Practice

  • Charlene served as the Vice Chair of the Homeless Coordinating Council. (PROOF: City of ABQ)

  • Charlene was relentless in her pursuit to establish the UNM/Bernalillo County Crisis Triage Center. (PROOF:

  • Recently, Commissioner Pyskoty announced a brand new Wellness Center in District 5. (PROOF: Edgewood

  • Charlene lead the push to provide hotel vouchers to our homeless families. (PROOF: KRQE)

  • Charlene helped 'fast track' housing like Hope Village to address housing needs for the homeless and people with mental health issues. (PROOF: City of ABQ)

  • She event hosted town-halls to update the public on the behavioral health accomplishments. (PROOF:

  • Charlene touts Behavior Health accomplishments. (

HOW BIG OF A CHAMPION FOR BEHAVIOR HEALTH IS COMMISSIONER PYSKOTY? Charlene was selected to throw out the opening pitch at the Albuquerque Isotopes Behavioral Health Services & DWI Night. (PROOF: BernCo BHS)

Click here to donate $5 (4 × 3 in) (2).png


  • Working Together New Mexico isn't a SuperPAC. (PROOF)

  • Working Together New Mexico is overwhelmingly funded by Democrats. (PROOF)

  • Olivas has no proof of being attacked because he hasn't been. (PROOF) (PROOF)

  • Charlene has never spoken with the PAC or taken money from Big Oil. (PROOF)

  • Unlike Olivas' allies, Charlene VOTED AGAINST Big Oil. (PROOF)

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Eric Olivas has repeatedly lied about Commissioner Charlene Pyskoty's voting record and has tried to manipulate voters in District 5 into believing he's the only Democrat in the race. Here's the REAL TRUTH on Eric Olivas.

Exaggerating His Experience

Olivas touts himself as a successful business man who values his staff, gives back to his community, and serves Fortune 500 companies as clients but online records tell a different story. 


NO HELP IN THE PANDEMIC - PPP pandemic loans were granted to companies based off of their previous two years earning and staff - Olivas reported making $134,880 in 2019 and wasn't able to prove he had staff that needed to be compensated during the pandemic, so he was only eligible to receive a one-time payment and it was for $28,100 (PROOF: PPP).


NOT A RENEWABLES EXPERT - Olivas convinced some progressive organizations he was an expert in renewables (PROOF: Retake Our Democracy). Olivas did file paperwork with the Secretary of State in 2019 for Nascimento Farms but Olivas has no background in renewable energy and has never developed a renewable wind farm (PROOF: NM SOS). There is a Nascimento Wind Farm - but it's owned by an offshore company in Spain, not Olivas (PROOF: Wiki).


WANNABE ENTREPRENEUR - Olivas calls himself an entrepreneur but three of Olivas' companies appear to be nothing more than shell companies. Including Olivas Enterprises LLC - none of the companies have a website, work phone, any other members, and all list Olivas' personal home as their location. GOOGLE Olivas' fake companies: OZ Vassar LLC, OZ Investments, Nascimento Farms, CM Verde, Olivas Enterprises LLC


FAKE COMMUNITY LEADER - Olivas likes to tout his experience dealing with crime but the reality is he quit before anything was accomplished (PROOF: ABQ Journal).


If we can't trust Olivas to be honest about his own record,
how can we trust him on the County Commission?

I'm proud of every accomplishment & vote I’ve made as your County Commissioner. Please don't hesitate to call, email or submit a comment below if you have any questions. - Commissioner Charlene Pyskoty

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